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The Brooksby Family

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13th February 2005

ron_city12:59pm: Introducing Me
Hello there,

I'm Ron City - glad to join you. I've been collecting info for years, & this will find its way through in time.

10th February 2005

chard7:29pm: The Brooksby family on line

This weekend I'm visiting my cousin once removed, ron_city, to plan the Brooksby family web site. Ron has a lot of material about the family — he's run the Brooksby Family Association for years — and he hopes to put a great deal of it on line. I'll post notes from our meeting here.

Today I've created a wiki, a mailing list, and this community. I'm not sure which of these will dominate, but I hope that they'll all be useful.

chard7:10pm: Archaeology of Brooksby village
I just found an entertaining record of an archaeological dig at the village of Brooksby conducted by the University of Leicester's School of Archaeology and Ancient History in 2002.
chard7:06pm: Welcome!
Welcome to the Brooksby Family LiveJournal community. I've created this so that there's on on-line place for news and discussion relating to the family.

Please join the community if you're a family member, or just interested in our family history.
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